ConnectCore i.MX6Quad will not boot/display

I’ve recently purchased a ConnectCore i.MX6 single board computer ( from DigiKey. However, I cannot seem to get it to boot for the first time. I have the device connected to a monitor via HDMI (verified cable and monitor are working) and have monitored the console port using both Linux (Minicom) and Windows-based (Realterm) serial programs. When the device is plugged in, the power LED turns on; however, I have not been able to observe any output over the console and there is no signal provided to the connected monitor, even after using the RESET and ON/OFF buttons. The USB ports also do not seem to be active/provide power.

I have followed the procedure outlined in the ‘Get Started’ ConnectCore 6 documentation ( up to Step 3 - Program the Yocto Firmware, which I cannot complete due to the issues I’m having with not receiving anything over the console log. I’ve also attempted to follow the ‘Recover your device’ instructions ( in case the bootloader was somehow corrupted or erased. However, the device still does not seem to provide any outputs over the serial port or HDMI.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Is it possible I received a defective device? Thanks.

This issue is handled via tech support already.
If the recovery procedure will not work we will RMA the board.