Can't communicate with Switch through Digi One SP

I have ran the loopback test and it was successful. (able to type into black screen without receiving any errors)

I am able to get into the switch console through Serial-USB into my laptop.

When I connect the Digi One SP to my laptop and then the switch into the Digi One SP serial port. I am unable to communicate through it.

After running RealPort setup. COM5 appears in Device manager. When I putty into COM5, the screen is just black, no prompts, no interface, no errors, nothing.

How do I get this working?

I have tried different approached for hours to no success.


Hello, and welcome to Digi Forum
Please verify that port is set to RS232(dip switches?)try attaching null modem adapter to the end on Digi One SP serial port

Mike S,

Digi Tech Support