One SP will not send to page switch

I have a DIGI One SP connected to a Windows 2012R2 Virtual Server. I can Hyper terminal into the Digi and get loopback information. the problem is when I try to send data to the page switch which is connected to though a DB9 –> DB 25 cable. I am sure it is a configuration issue , This is my fiorst run with this as our other server is a physical box abd connection

Any help would be greatly appreciated

You might want to confirm the cabling pin-outs. Is the page switch a DCE device? If so, straight through cabling should be used:

Otherwise, if it is a DTE device, a crossover (null-modem) cable will be needed:

As for configuration, make sure the RealPort profile is configured on the Digi One SP for the serial port and that the COM port on the Windows host is configured with the baud rate, stop bits, character bits, parity and flow control which matches that set on the page switch.