One SP - Connectivity problem

I was trying to communicate with a One SP. Set it up using DHCP. Could ping it/access its built in web page. Set it up to use the Realport profile. Installed the drivers on a Win 2008 R2 system. Driver install completed without any errors. Tried to connect to it (COM3) with putty but could not make a connection. Tried to telnet to its IP and port 2001 - could not make a connection. Access the management web page still works fine. Tried a factory reset and set to realport, reboot. Problem still exists.

Figured it is bad. Load it up and make the 45min drive home. Get home and connect it to my home network. Tried to telnet to port 2001. Connected and echoed back (loopback connected). Worked fine. Installed drivers on a Win 2012 R2 system and can connect to it via putty.

When logged on in both networks I’m a domain admin.

Any ideas as to why it wouldn’t work on one network but works on another?

Is this KB article helpful?