Can't do a write operation when I update the BSP

I want to send V2 trap, so I update the BSP according to the patches in What I used OS is OS6.3. The model is Connect-EM. I update the BSP with, and So I compiled my project with the lib file libsnmpv3.a to use the function naSnmpSetTrapVersion.

  1. But I can’t change the parameter through SNMP after I has done it. System works well before I updated it. I can read parameter through SNMP, but can’t write after the BSP is updated.
  2. I can get the parameters when I do a “WALK” operation first. Then I retry the “WALK”, but can’t get any response through SNMP. It seems the SNMP daemon is dead. This happens only when the subvalue of . are shown.

This is a emergent question. I have asked twice. But I can’t resolve it. Anyone can tell me the reason? thanks very much.