How to send V2 trap message?

What I used OS is OS6.3. And I have updated the file according to the patches which are downloaded from So I compiled my project with the lib file libsnmpv3.a to use the function naSnmpSetTrapVersion. It can send V2 trap, but SNMP can’t work when I do a “WALK” operation. I can’t get any response from SNMP. It seems the SNMP daemon is dead. I can’t do a “WRITE” operation before the SNMP daemon is dead, only can read some parameters. What is the reason?

Might be simplest to upgrade to Net+O/S 7.1 or later - the SNMP stuff was all changed, and seems to work quite well. With that, sending a V2 trap (as opposed to a V1 trap) is just a matter of changing a flag or two

This question may be redundant but I have to ask. The NET+OS V6.3 SNMP patch has a dependency on the NET+Os V6.3 TCP/IP patch. Did you install the tcp/ip upgrade along with the SNMP patch? Also the tcp/ip patch has a dependency on the NET+OS V6.3 ACE patch.

I can’t say for sure that this is your problem but there are some shared .h files between the subsystems. If even one is out of date, bad things can happen.

I have updated the dependency files. And all patches is updated according to the updated date. The model is Connect-EM. I should buy the OS7.1 if I want to use, or I can upgrade? Can you give me details? It is a emergency project. thanks