Can't download DynamicC - fails after 40Bytes of 70Mytes repeatedly

Have just purchased RCM6700 dev kit
It requires you to download DynamicC
repeated attempts to download V10.70, V10.72, …
all fail (regardless of browser used - Chrome, IE) after 30 or 40MByes of 73Mytes.
The resume option always resets to 0%.
Have been trying for about 5 hours - very frustrated
Am in Johannesburg SOUTH AFRICA
Disappointed with first interaction with Digi.

I don’t think your location in SA has anything do to with this problem. There is clearly an issue with the Digi file server system.

I had the same issue and ended up using a restartable download manager application to finally get the file needed.

I agree, it’s very frustrating.

Hello, Please contact Digi technical support at , They may provide you direct link to download the DC 10.72.