Can't find AnywhereUSB 5 password, pls help. Reset doesn't help

Can’t find AnywhereUSB 5 password, pls help. Reset doesn’t help


The password will be on the device on the label.

I had the same problem last sunday, glad to hear from you to carry my burden.

when you update from 1.x to 2.x firmware on the obsolete 2nd generation (G2) AnywhereUSB products, you will be forced to use a password for HTTP. If you haven’t set one before it will be the default password (which is also active after a factory reset).
On devices manufactured before year 2020 the default login is user=root, password=dbps
On devices manufactured after year 2019 the default login is user=root and password printed on the label.

It is recommend to set a more secure password!
all this is mentioned in the release notes you can download where you downloaded the 2.x firmware