Can't receive udp packets when initially connecting XBee wifi

I’m trying to communicate with the XBee Wifi from my computer using an ad-hoc network with udp. The XBee settings are:
Network Type - IBSS Creator
Infrastructure mode - Soft AP mode
SSID - XBee Wifi
IP Protocol - UDP
DNS Address -
Destination IP Address -
Source Port - 2616
Destination Port - 2616
IP Address of gateway -
IP Address Mask -
Moduel IP Address -
API Enable - Transparent mode
Everything else is the default.

Initially, I connect the XBee to the computer. From my computer, I am able to connect to the ad-hoc network (XBee Wifi). I then send udp packets from the computer to the XBee and from the XBee to the computer; however, neither side receives the packets sent from the other side.

I then go to the XBee settings in XCTU, set the protocol to TCP and write it to the XBee; I then immediately set the protocol back to UDP and write it to the XBee. I then send udp packets, and I am now able to receive packets on both sides. Unpowering the repowering the XBee results in me not being able to receive udp packets.

My firmware version is 2024.

What happens if you connect your XBee WIFI module to an access point via UDP and send UDP packets? Do you see the same issue?

Any updates? I have the same problem.

I am also seeing the same issue on the latest firmware. Any solutions?