Unable to see UDP packets from XBEE ADC on PC

Hello All,
I have an XBEE WiFi, firmware version 2024

It connects fine to my infrastructure and I can see the TCP packets in WireShark and in Hercules, and get data in transparent mode from the console in XCTU

I set DO to 2 for the ADC , and gave it 222 sample rate. based on my reading it should send out an UDP packet port 3054.

I have nothing connected to the port, however the green xmit light on the sparkfun Explorer USB lights up solid.

I see no traffic on my receiving PC which is the DL IP

any thoughts? I want to use the XBEE standalone solely as an ADC reader


I would suggest using wire shark and see if you can track down what is going on. It may simply be that you are listening on decimal port number 3054 instead of Hex 3054.

Thanks for the reply,

I’m seeing no traffic from the unit in wireshark over UDP . From the unit. TCP yes I can see traffic on commands etc in transparent mode.

I opened port 3054 in Hercules, and that is the digital port corresponding to hex BEE which is in the documentation.

I’ve literally tried every combination of port/mode etc to see if I get anything and I never do. I guess I’m now looking for anyone that has done it and what their settings are.

ATIS in Xctu v6 gets me a


I dropped back to firmware revision 2004 and I am now seeing packets coming through on UDP 3054 in periodic sampling mode.

Also noting that RSSI led is no longer illuminating, so this may be the carrier board issue that has been discussed previously, or related


Further note, I’m seeing real values from the ADC now, and they are not 12 bit as stated in the documentation , they are 10 bit.

2 byte hex value * vref(2500) / 1023


Sounds like you are either not listening to the correct port number or seeing the Hex API frames. Try sending the data to another XBee WIFI connected to the network and a PC configured for API mode and see what you get.