To receive an array of double data type having size of almost 3000 numbers

Hi reader!
I need help in data transmission. I am using ADC for sampling of waveforms. The first problem I am encountering is that I am unable to send double data type numbers array. Second Problem is that a simple array of numbers with max index 120 works fine and data is received. But with index greater than 120 I receive nothing.What can be the possible reason?
Another problem is that the number greater than 255(1byte) is not receiving properly?
Please help me to sort out these things.I will be appreciate your guidance.

What product are you working with and what is it that is doing the ADC conversion?

I am working with TM4C123H6PM tiva series microcontroller by Texas instruments. ADC sampling
is done and the numbers are then stored in an array.
After that using uart,this array is ready to send.
If I simply send the array by configuring uart,then these problems come too.

Which XBee product are you working with and what firmware version is installed on them?

ZigBee S1 module

Have you made any changes to the radios firmware? What version of firmware are you using?

Are you using API mode or transparent mode?

What baud rate are you operating at?

I am not using API mode…I am using simple mode. Baud rate 9600

Did you make any changes to the radios firmware? That is, are you using it in it’s default configuration?

What firmware version are you working with?

Are you using hardware flow control at all?

I am using the xbees in default configuration. Just I have configured them to communicate with one with flow control is none.

May I suggest you verify where the issue is. You can do this by connecting both radios to the PC via Interface boards. Then using something like Hyper Terminal or Tera Term, send a large file like a picture from one COM port to the other. You should see it come through just fine. If you do, then it is not the radio that is where the issue is but in your device and how the data is being sent tot he radio.

I have only one RS232 board so I cant do this what you have suggested.

Sounds like you need to get some more hardware to Adequately determine where you issue is.