Can't Recover Programmable Xbee but many functions are working?

I have an Xbee programmable, XB24CZ7SITB. Was working fine until I started diving into Code Warrior to run first sample app. I seemingly bricked the device in that it was unresponsive and the LEDS on the Groove Board were dim.

I then realized the Groove doesn’t help with programming and bought the XBIB and Multilink Universal. On that same board I was able to successful run the my first sample app from Code Warrior, but still couldn’t communicate with the Xbee from current or legacy XCTU. The device was visible from my Coordinator Xbee using latest XCTU.

I was able to able to nearly run the procedure(“ZigBee XBee Recovery
(Series 2)” for recovery identified here,
I was able to get the bootloader menu, but failed the full recovery step in that after the WRITE I got the action required pop up.

Is it worth calling support? I actually have an RMA. I was hopeful after getting my first app to run that maybe I could get it working completely again.

Have you seen these pages?

Thanks for the advice. I did try this. Nothing seemed to work. I received an RMA and returned the device.