Xbee Pro S1 reprogrammed but now can't change

Hi, I’ve just started on Xbee’s with 2 XBP24’s and a usb Explorer board.
In my eagerness to play I have changed one of them from “XBEE PRO 802.15.4” Ver 10ED to “XBEE PRO 802.15.4 Digital IO Adaptor” Ver 17E8. I am unable to get back now and when I do a Test/Query it says communicating with modem then the Action screen comes up, if I do a reset with the button on the Explorer board it then reads back the firmware/serial number info.
Any ideas how to get back to the original firmware and be able to do a test/query would be appreciated.
I haven’t changed my second unit and that seems to respond to test/query ok.
Oh, I have tried all the un-bricking and methods I can find to get it back.


You can reprogram the modules to the required Function Set using X-CTU.

You have not mentioned which un-bricking methods you have followed.

I can give few links, which worked successfully, give a try with these.
http://www.jsjf.demon.co.uk/xbee/faq.pdf , refer Q 11 and 12


Thanks for the reply. I was using X-CTU but everything I tried didn’t work (I was only using X-CTU).

In the end I contacted Digi and they suggested returning the unit to supplier (Farnell) which I have done and now have a working replacement.

I am waiting for a fault report and as soon as I get it I will post results.