Can't understand compiler errors

I’m getting a very strange set of compiler errors:

line  401 : ERROR APPLIC.LIB   : ',' is missing/expected.               
line  401 : ERROR APPLIC.LIB   : Syntax error - or garbage at end of program.
line  401 : ERROR APPLIC.LIB   : Need function definition or declaration.
line  401 : ERROR APPLIC.LIB   : Expects ';'.                           
line  401 : ERROR APPLIC.LIB   : Old style function declaration missing parameter declaration list.
line  401 : ERROR APPLIC.LIB   : Missing character ')'.                 

On this code (line 401 is the prototype)

// Read UserBlock

/*** BeginHeader ReadUB */
xmem int ReadUB(config*);
/*** EndHeader ***/

xmem int ReadUB(config *pUBconfigData)
   int Result;
   UINT16 UBlockSize;

   readUserBlock(&UBlockSize,500,2);//size of userblock data
   readUserBlock(pUBconfigData,502,UBlockSize);//read in UB configData

The problem is that this code is only called once in the program but it is called from 3 different C files and the calls are all identical yet the other C files compile with no complaints. In fact this call was copied and pasted from a working one.

UBCodesize = ReadUB(&UBconfigData); 

I’m at a loss to track down the problem.

Any ideas?


I noticed that my #use statements were before the config structure, once moved everything works well.

for some reason I can always figure it out only after I post the question…LOL