Dynamic C compile error: line 1 : prog.c : ) is missing/expected.

Hi, I got the following two errors, line 1 is the start of a comment block. Something downstream in my code, or else something in a library, is really causing this, but where do I start???


First two Compiler Messages:

line 1 : ERROR MASTER4.C : ) is missing/expected.
line 1 : ERROR MASTER4.C : Missing character ‘;’.

Unfortunately, that is a very vague error message and doesn’t pinpoint what the problem is. The best way to tackle this is with a binary search.

Basically, comment out half the code (more or less) and see which half of the program
the bug is in. Repeat until the problem is isolated.

Thanks! I found it was caused by a missing closing brace in a function definition. Seems that when I get a big dump of errors, especially nonsense ones, it is caused by a single problem.