Dynamic C 10.72A crashes when attempting to compile. How to debug?

Hangs at ‘0 lines compiled’.

Is there a log or something I can look at?

Edit: It’s definitely something to do with compiling a particular set of files. I can compile other files without issue.

Have you been able to determine what the compiler didn’t like in the files you were compiling? Please get in touch if you need help narrowing it down. There may be some limits on long lines (over 250 characters?) – I can’t recall the actual limits, and that issue may have been resolved long ago (like in Dynamic C 8 or 9).

Turned out to be a combination of an unclosed parenthesis and accidentally replacing some semi-colons in a struct with commas (been doing a lot of javascript lately). Unfortunate that it killed the compiler, but hopefully an isolated incident. If anyone with access to the compiler is interested, the offending code is forever in a git commit at this point, but I’m just happy to have gotten up and running.