Dynnamic C 10.64 stops compiling

The compiler is compiling to target, the line numbers are ascending and then the information box goes away and the complier stops. No list files or error lists are produced so there is no clue. I have seen this problem before and it all ways seems to be data related. I have been commenting out code trying to find the offending area. This file always compiled until the last mods.

Have you tried looking at the map file to see what the last thing it successfully added to the file was? I’ve sometimes found that useful in tracking down issues like this.



What type of Rabbit kit are you using ?
Have you properly select project settings before compile the program related to target board using particular Rabbit board user manual from the digi site?

Try to compile the sample programs , is it working or not.


I suggest that you download the current release of DC 10.66 to see if it clears up your issue