too many or fatal errors

HI !
I have the same problem :

board type 0x2A01
using DC 10.70 and all files are ok, I have to restart the DC10.70 IDE to recompile and have the error messages window

When I recompile the sam files the “too many or fatal…” appears immediately (without elaboration of files ) … I think is a cache problem…

The same happens when i’m connected to the target…

If I enable separate I&D instruction the problem disappear …


Hello, Which Rabbit module it is? It seems like you compiled library file unfortunately. Check one more time in the IDE.
Close all library files in the IDE and only open application file (XXX.c) then compile .

Did you compile , custom application or default application that comes with the Dynamic C 10.70?

There is latest version of Dynamic C 10.72 in digi website. update this version.

Hi cpigilam !!
thanks for answer.

My module is RCM4300 on BL4S200 board.

finally I have compiled my custom application in DC 10.70 , The problem was the project file. If you save project as … with other name you can verify that there are some problems in mew project file. It link some “old path” files with “new path”, also if looking at Project options (and dir.lib) I can see that all paths and references are correct. If I copy the entire project in File manager problem doesn’t happens…