"line 30 : ERROR Rabbitbios.c : Must define at least one #rcodorg origin directive."

I have a DC 10.60 compiled code. However when I migrate to DC10.72C I am getting different kind of compiler error message. One of them is “line 30 : ERROR Rabbitbios.c : Must define at least one #rcodorg origin directive.”

Might want to check this thread https://www.embeddedrelated.com/showthread/rabbit-semi/37599-1.php

If you use the default project (go to File/Project/Close and it should re-open the default project), and open a simple sample program, can you compile that?

If you’re opening an existing project, did you follow these directions from the top of the Release Notes:

Reminder: When opening a project in a new version of Dynamic C, update the “Include Path” tab in the Project Options to use the new Dynamic C directory. (Or change it to “.\include” to always use the current compiler’s include directory.)

If your project has a custom LIB.DIR file, make sure your LIB.DIR points to the libraries from the Dynamic C 10.72C installation.

Those steps will hopefully help you narrow down the cause. Please post if you find a solution so it can help others who might search and find your forum question.

Strangely, I don’t get this compiler error message when I close the IDE and open it again. But then I get compiler errors for nested if…else if…else.

I believe there are some instances where code can cause a compiler error that then causes problems with later compilation. Can you isolate the if/else/if/else code block causing the error and submit it to Digi support (or here) so we can investigate? Be sure to look through the list of “Known Issues” in the README.TXT file to see if any look familiar.