CC6UL-SBC access the signal "I/O expander AUD_PWR/IO28 signal"

I have a ConnectCore6UL-SBC (development kit) and I want to
power-off the MAX98089 audio codec.
The ConnectCore6UL-SBC Hardware Ref. Manual, lists the
I/O expander AUD_PWR/IO28 signal, as the control for the
MAX98089 power switch.
Default state is power on and I want to power off !

Please tell me, where can I change the state of this
I/O expander AUD_PWR/IO28 signal in the device tree.

Further, can I change the state of this signals to runtime,
over /sys/class/gpio or similar ?


The GPIOs on the IO Expander are not supported yet. Digi is currently developing the firmware for this Kinetis chip. Then they need to work on a GPIO driver for Linux. Once this is ready, the IO Expander will appear as another GPIO controller in Linux, with a certain GPIO base number.
The user will be able to control these GPIOs just like any other GPIO in the system.

Hi Leonid

Thanks for the info.
When is the release of this firmware scheduled ?
Will the next release 5 for CC6UL support the IO expander ?

Have a nice weekend

DEY-2.2 is expected end of April, beginning of May. It should support IO expander on the SBC. Please note that MCA GPIOs are already supported as of DEY-2.0-R5

Hi Leonid

Will DEY-2.2 finally support the 4GB eMMC on the SBC ?
Will DEY-2.2 update Yocto from jethro to newer versions (morty) ?