ConnectCore IMx6 Plus Kit GPIO

I need to use 2 GPIO as Input and 2 GPIO as Output.

Based on ConnectCore IMX6 Hardware Reference Manual:

The ConnectCore 6 SBC provides a 14-pin, 1.25mm pitch expansion connector with eight digital GPIO signals of the i.MX6 CPU and four digital/analog configurable GPIO signals from the Kinetis MCA. The following table shows the pinout of the expansion GPIO connector.

Pin 1 to Pin 4 are assigned to Touch. Pin 5 - 3.3V. Pin14 is ground.

Pin 6 as EXP_GPIO_0 to Pin 13 as EXP_GPIO_7

by running GPIODectect

gpiochip0 [gpio1] (32 lines)
gpiochip1 [gpio2] (32 lines)
gpiochip2 [gpio3] (32 lines)
gpiochip3 [gpio4] (32 lines)
gpiochip4 [gpio5] (32 lines)
gpiochip5 [gpio6] (32 lines)
gpiochip6 [gpio7] (32 lines)
gpiochip7 [da9063-gpio] (16 lines)

May I know where is the "expansion connector with eight digital GPIO signals " belong to ?

So I can Use EXP_GPIO_0 and EXP_GPIO_1 as Inputs. EXP_GPIO_2 and EXP_GPIO_3 as Outputs



I got it work.