Ccimx6ul encrypted fails to update-firmware in dual-boot

Hello everybody, I have been working on a custom yocto build on a ccimx6ul.

So far so good using the dual-boot capabilities. But after encrypting and closing the device, the update-firmware with dualboot has not worked anymore.
Everything else seems to be working (i.e. fw_printenv, device tree, trust-fence is active, I can swap partition, I can manually update the u-boot partitions, mtd_parts is set for multi and all steps in the documentation have been followed)

I thought 4.0r4 would solve this issue, but it hasn’t (I used before 4.0r3).
r4 is popping up with another error about:
Hash not set for

Here is the full error trail from sw-update 4.0r4.

With 4.0r3 it would fail and say:

ERROR ubivol_handler.c: update_volume : 192 : cannot open UBI volume "/dev/ubi2_0"
ERROR streaming image ...

Something that keeps popping up just before the login is the swupdate error. I think this doesn’t show with update-firmware, but I wanted to mention it:

Starting swupdate ...                                                                                                         
Error: SWUpdate is built for signed images, provide a public key file.

Any suggestion is welcome and thank you in advance for helping!

I was not updated with the new way of creating the sw-description files in 4.0r4, but apparently there is a sw-description-images_template with the hashed parameters. That is the one needed. I guess I took it for granted as in 4.0r3 was already configured like that.