Cellular Network Time via ATDT

I am using an XBEE3 CAT-M1 device. Currently I do NTP requests to get time. In my current firmware I sync time to my local flywheel at boot and then once every 24 hours.
I am considering using the result of ATDT.

1.) I saw in the manual that this time is refreshed approx. once per hour. Is it always refreshed when the modem connects? i.e. going from a state of no signal & no connection to a state of being connected to the network.

2.) What are the circumstances when the result of DT will be invalid? I noticed that it is not available after boot until the device connects. Are there other circumstances the result would not be valid?

Yes, the modem refreshes whenever it makes a new association to the network.

We have not tested the other situations when the result will be invalid. I know the clock continues to function even after putting the unit into Airplane Mode, although drift may occur.

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