associate indication and reset the XBee Cellular LTE Cat 1

Hi all,
I’m using a XBee Cellular LTE Cat 1 to transmit incoming serial data from my Arduino Zero.
The XBee is operating in transparent mode, and I could transmit the data through TCP protocol to destination IP address.
However, occasionally, the XBee shows a problem in TCP data transmission, which is confirmed by the associate LED flashes abnormally. Once this happens, my communication hangs there.
I am thinking about using the reset pin to reset the XBee whenever this happens, which I have tried, by pushing the reset button, and it works.

Of course, this whole process should be fully automatic, the reset part I have figured out, just by connecting a output pin from arduino to XBee and pulling it low.
however, I’m wondering how can I detect this scenario. Is there a pin I can use to detect that the modem has gone wrong?

Thank you very much !