Does the XBee cellular LTE have a watchdog timer accessible from Micro Python?

I am currently in the process of integrating the cellular LTE modem into a weather measurement sensor. Because these are intended as “mission critical” sensors, I am looking for a solution to auto-restarting the XBee if the code crashes. I have seen this happen a few times with the Micro Python script that I am running. Is there built in to the module a watchdog timer that I could activate and then reset from my Python script? Im sure there is a way with additional hardware that I could pull the reset line, but I am hoping for a simpler solution.

No there is no internal watch dog timer command you can issue. But you can use the FR command to reset the radio. That is trigger the reset line to reset the XBee module.

Not yet, but you please provide feedback to your sales rep so they can make that feature a priority for an upcoming release.

This is now supported in the latest *15 releases for XBee 3 Cellular (i.e., 11415, 1515, 31015). Note it is not supported on the original XBee Cellular Verizon Cat 1 nor the 3G at this time.