Meaning of the modem status "0x01 = Watchdog timer reset"

I’m using an XSTICK2 as a ZigBee coordinator and am getting periodic modem resets with the status “0x01 = Watchdog timer reset”. These seem to happen about 2 seconds after the last communication. I use API mode 3.

I assume that this is not related to the network watchdog (which is disabled) and is related to an internal watchdog in the XBee?

Is there a requirement to periodically send messages to the XBee to kick a watchdog? I’ve not found anything in the “XBee/XBee-PRO® S2C Zigbee® RF Module” documentation.

That’s an internal failure that required the XBee to reset in order to recover. Ideally something you should never see under any circumstance. There is no to periodically transmit, etc to prevent watchdog resets.

If you have found a way to reliably reproduce such a failure you should reach out to the support team. They can try and reproduce based on your procedure and make sure it gets to the right team internally.

Thanks. It was caused by sending a ZDO message to the local node with APS security enabled.
This has been discussed with support, so hopefully it will be fixed in future.