Why am I receiving a Modem Status (0x8A) on broadcast messages (XBee)?

I am sending a Remote AT Command Request in broadcast (without ACK - frameID = 0x00), from my Coordinator API, to set the CB command to 1: this simulate 1 commissioning button press in software of the remote device in order to receive a Node Identification Indicator.

When I send the first packet:

7e 0 10 17 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ff ff ff fe 1 43(C) 42(B) 1 66 

I receive the following Node Identification Indicator frame:

7e 0 27 95 0 13 a2 0 40 aa d0 6 f9 5d 2 f9 5d 0 13 a2 0 40 aa d0 6 52 4f 54 45 41 44 4f 52 0 ff fe 1 1 c1 5 10 1e 7f

but, if I send the same Remote AT Command again (CB command with parameter 1), I get this two Modem Status frames:

7e 0 2 8a 1 74 
7e 0 2 8a 6 6f 

The first one means a Watchdog timer reset (1), and the other means a Coordinator started(6). I checked the voltage over my XBee and it’s everything ok (3,3V), so is it not supposed to reset?. If I send the Remote AT Command again (a third time), I will get the Node Identification Indicator frame. And sending a second time (fourth time), I get the two Modem Status frames. Then, it’s keep repeating…

Why this happen? I had to send twice in order to get the response I wanted.

How much time had passed between when the first one was issued and the 2nd one was issued?

It’s when I press a button. At first press, I get right, on second press it gets wrong, I think is less than 5 seconds

What firmware version and what product are you working with?

Modem: XBee XB24-ZB, Function Set: ZIGBEE COORDINATOR API, Version: 21A7
Modem: XBee XB24-ZB, Function Set: ZIGBEE ROUTER AT, Version: 22A7.

When I sent the remote AT command request, I was enabling entries e router repair (Option 0x00). I tested disabling it (Option 0x01) and I didn’t get the modem status anymore, why?

I would have to see the entire frames you are sending in order to determine that.

The frame I am sending I wrote on my question:
7e 0 10 17 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ff ff ff fe 1 43 42 1 66
this is the only frame I sent, one time I get the right answer and other time I get the modem status, it keeps repeating.

Sounds like you were using Application level retries that were causing issues.