Node Discovery

I have small network with API coordinator and two AT routers with NI=1234 and NI=ABCD.

When I send ND command from coordinator I receive two AT Command Response frames from my two routers. Well, it’s OK but I don’t get any AT Command Response frame with no data and OK status after that. Is it OK?

And what’s more… After sending ND1234 or NDABCD I receive AT Command Response frame from corresponding module, but after that I’ve got AT Command Response frme with no data and ERROR status. What can be wrong?

If the NT parameter is set at its default of 0x3c, the empty packet should arrive 6 seconds after the ND command is issued. Is your software waiting that long for it before you send the other commands?

If the answer to that question is “yes and it still doesn’t arrive”, it may help if you could post the exact sequence of commands sent and frames received. Also, what firmware versions are you running?

is there anyway when issuing ATND from the coordinator that only thing that will be send is the NI of the end devices?

There is no way to do this. You would need to use an external program (such as one written in python) to parse whatever relevant data from the ND command output is of interest to you.