XStick Coordinator not responding to "ND" command

Hi all,

We’re using an XStick as a coordinator and one prototype device using an S2C XBee as a router. We are issuing API commands directly to the XStick by copying AT Command packets from the API Frame builder and pasting into XCTU. The XStick responds to other commands normally, such as ID, but has no response whatsoever to ND. I’m also just noticing that the ND command is not listed in the command reference tables in the XBee manual. Am I missing something? We need to verify that the router device has joined the network and is accepting remote commands, for which we need its address.



Find the product manual here. The ND command is documented in page 136:

Node Discover. Discovers and reports all RF modules found. The following information
is reported for each module discovered.
NI (Variable length)
DEVICE_TYPE (1 Byte: 0=Coord, 1=Router, 2=End Device)
STATUS (1 Byte: Reserved)
PROFILE_ID (2 Bytes)

After (NT * 100) milliseconds, the command ends by returning a . ND also accepts
a Node Identifier (NI) as a parameter (optional). In this case, only a module that matches
the supplied identifier will respond.
If ND is sent through the API, each response is returned as a separate
AT_CMD_Response packet. The data consists of the above listed bytes without the
carriage return delimiters. The NI string will end in a "0

Also, ensure that you can discover the device in XCTU remote’s configuration… oh, I know, it’s a pain… try Bee Explorer while Digi improves XCTU… :slight_smile:

Ah, ok, not sure how I kept missing that in the manual, and thanks a million for the ZigBee Operator recommendation, this looks great, I just tried it.

I figured out what the problem was—the router device had not joined the XStick’s network. I’ve had ongoing problems using the commissioning button (pressed 4 times) to get the radio to reset and join a new network—it only seems to work about 25% of the time. I will post a new thread about this problem.