Change IP with out reboot?

Change IP with out reboot? this is posible to digi connect me hardware?
I foun only 1 solution of use NVRAM and remove power.

There is a public configuration function to set up a socket: int ll_config(char *devname, u32 ipaddr, u32 netmask, unsigned mtu, u32 ospfarea);

I have used this API to configure the ethernet port to defaults if I get stuck in applicationTcpDown:
ll_config(“eth0”, DEFAULT_IP, DEFAULT_MASK, 0, 0);
This does not require a device reset, nor does it overwrite the boardparameters stored in NV memory.

Is there such a function for Netos7.3. I’m also trying to change the IP without having to save to NVRAM and reboot.

I have tried to use that ll_config() function but it does not seem to exist in NET+OS 7.3

I get an “undefined reference to `ll_config’” error.

Did anyone get any success?

I haven’t done this yet, but I plan on it. I was looking at the IAM API in the API reference, and it seems like it would support switching out the IP without rebooting.

I haven’t implemented it yet because suddenly my device no longer responds to HTTP requests, and I’m trying to figure out that first.