change IP settings without reboot


On a DIGI CC9P9215, running NET+OS 7.5, is it possible to change the IP settings (IPV4) without the need to reboot?

To change IP settings, I’m using the functions ‘customizeIamSetStaticConfig’ and ‘customizeIamSetDhcpConfig’ which are the default one provided by NET+OS (I haven’t customized these functions), and then I reboot to apply the new settings.

What I need to do is to apply the new settings but without rebooting. Is it possible to do this?

Thanks in advance for help.


Please take a look at:
Setting the IP address of a running system using internet address manager (IAM) on NET+OS V7.X

also could be usefull:

Application Note: Switching between DHCP and Static IP address Acquisition in NET+OS

Please let me know if this is not sufficient and i can provide an example application


‘naIamRelease’ does the job.
Update the IP settings without the need to reset.