Restart telnet server after changing IP address with IAM release

My application (NET+OS 9210ME) has the ability to change the IP Network/addresses using IAM. I used the changeIpAddress example program as a guide. The application has a telnet server running. I would like to restart the telnet server without a reboot after changing IP address, i.e. after IAM release. I tried TSClosePort/TSCloseSession/TSOpenPort() combinations but get an error result. The telnet server does not allow connections on the new IP. BTW, I also have a sockets TCP connection (listener) and I am able to close connection, socket, and restart the listener and reconnect without a problem. Is it possible to do something similar with the telnet server? If so what is the order of operations to accomplish this?

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Please tke a look and sample telnet app here:
atelserl elnet.c
Perhaps this will help you answer your question

Also I’d try to close port before changing the IP.


Thanks, I was out of the office and meant to provide an update. I believe my first tests were erroneous. When I retested I was able to reconnect the telnet client at the new IP address after the IAMRelease().

As always thanks for the reply and your expert advice.