Change size of message object in python digi-xbee message object


I’m trying to transfer a 10MB long String using the device.send_data() methode.
The message is too long, so I manually found out, that I can transfer upto 92 letters of the string at once (if I go higher it throws an error).

Is there a way to increse this size? I made a workaround using string.split() and a for-loop. But I think there should be an automatic way to manage this?

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Where did you obtain this digi-xbee message object from?

What Python version are you working with?

I’m using python 3.10

I an using a try:except block and debugging. The digi-xbee message is temporarily created when I use the send_data() Methode and only visible in the debugging. I then can see the Exception, which states “message too long”

Took me a while to even find that since the actual exception only says “there was an error sending the message”… I had to find some variable which was then pointing to a string which had the actual error in it…