Change the IP-address in the socket overwrite wholes socket structure.

I have a small problem with setting up an Ethernet connection to a remote client from the Digi Connect ME module.

I have created a Socket and now I want to set the remote IP address to who the Digi module must connect.

Normally I do it in C (under Linux) like this.

inet_aton(SRV_IP, &sp_remoteSide.sin_addr)

The look-a-like function in Digi is present. Sadly enough I am not behind my workdesk, but I know that it is the same na_pton(* ip_address, *structaddr).
But this will always overwrite the beginngen of the sockaddr_storage structure instead of setting the sin_addres value from the ipv4 structure.

I am using NET+OS 7.3

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