change the state of gpios immediately without reboot

I have tried these commands for many times. What I confused is that after I enter the command ‘set gpio mode=output state=asserted’, the state of gpios do not change immediately. The state is initial state, only if you reboot the device, can the state be read into the system. What I really want is to get the state of gpios changed immediately after I entered the command. Which command I shoud use or Which command I should add, and where can I get them.

after write you need to read the pins using read command if its works fine otherwise i think no other option for your problem you need to reboot only

Now, I have tried to connect the device(DIGI connectME/ME9210) via the DIGI cloud. I can add the device into it, however, I can not make the connect.
I have read the device cloud user guide and device cloud programming guide. they say :" If the device is plugged in, has an Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection, has carrier service and has a SIM card installed, it should automatically connect to Device Cloud when added to the Device Cloud inventory. However, if any of these requirements are not met, the device will not connect. In this case, try adding the device again once all requirements listed above have been met. " But I can not find the items they say on my modules.
I want to find the RCI to send commands to my module, Where to find the user guide.

I have tried the commands you say in the asnwer in telnet command view, It can not work, The command does not exist.

then you need reboot only no other option