How to change the GPIOs state of the digi connect me 9210 with firmware?

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I have got a digi connect me 9210 module with plug N play firmware,But when I used web pages or the commandline to configure the GPIOs,I found the states of GPIOs cannot change immediately.I want to control some LEDs thru GPIOs.I have read the commandline reference of DIGI family,but I cannot find some solutions.I have connected your agent in shanghai,but he could not give me some help.
I’m looking forword for your reply,Thank you very much!
the command used to change the gpio mode and state:
‘set gpio range=1-5 mode=output state=asserted/deasserted’

Digi Connect Family Users Guide

set gpio
set gpio displays current GPIO pin settings. You can reconfigure the pin settings as needed.

display gpio

You can find the most up-to-date version of the Digi Connect Family User Guide at (Note that the PDF is available from the footer of the document.)