Set GPIO with CLI

I can set GPIO mode with CLI (set gpio range={1-n} mode={serial|input|output})
I have to use web user interface to togle output of GPIO signals between high and low (as per “Digi Connect Family Command Reference” manual on page 63).
Why is there no CLI command for this task?

My workaround:
I configure GPIO as output default low state with web UI.
I change GPIO mode with CLI to act as open collector (output = low, input = tristate).

I believe You should add “set gpio range={1-n} output={low|high}” to Your CLI commands :slight_smile:

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The GPIO is meant to be controlled via RCI using the set_state method:

I think I have a similiar problem. I’m using the DC-ME4-01T-S momdule to control LEDs, I want the gpio state change immediately after I set its state, Now I find it won’t change immediately. how did you configure it?
I would be appreciate that if you can give me a reply,Thanks!