Set GPIO with RCI


I am trying to set the GPIO using RCI commands. I have sent the following RCI command


and I get the following reply

Invalid setting group, index combination

Can you tell me what I am doing wrong.

Thanks in advance


What is it exactly that you are trying to accomplish here?

For starters you are trying to use elements which do not exist, i.e. . While , , etc. exist is invalid.

Do you have the Connect Integration kit CD-ROM? The installation does provide several RCI over Serial examples. If your current installation does not have such examples use the provide ‘Check for Digi Connect Updates’ utility to obtain and install the most recent version of the kit.


Thanks for the reply

I am trying to set Pin 1 to high (1) so I was assuming if I put:

1 (where # is pin number)
I would set that pin to high and if I was to put:

0 (where # is pin number)
I would set that pin to low.

I have the integration kit, and the only example I could find is to set the Pin to either in or out. I have checked to make sure the pin is an output.



Here is a proper script to set GPIO pin 1 high (this assumes that pin1 has already bee configured as a GPIO output):


If you want to set the GPIO pin low use unasserted.


Thanks for that.

It works great now.
The documentation I have doesn’t show the tag it just says

Valid with: query_setting, set_setting, set_factory_default.

Thanks again


I see that you are correct. We will have to bring this to the attention of our folks in the documentation group.


Ouh, how stupid! I tried for more then a hour to set gpio-pins the way described in the manual! Then, last, I found this note and see the date it is from: 5 years later, and you did not put an update to the RCI-manual! Very boring!