Changing Com ports

I want to install 2 Digi Ras eight cards and set it to run as 1-16 but I cannot get the modem ports to start at 1 it always starts at 3. HELP. W2K Server.

Changing the Digi ports to start at com 3 is nearly impossible. Normally, the 2 built in serial ports are com 1 and com2, so the Digi ports will start at com3. In Windows 2000, this is further complicated because the Digi driver cannot install with there being at least one serial port installed so that the necessary Windows serial components are present. If you had a BIOS in which you could disable the 2 built in serial ports, AND, if Windows would not automatically re-enable them, you still cannot get the Digi ports to start at com 1 because you cannot renumber them. It is best to leave the built in serial ports enabled and to luse the Dig ports starting at com3.

If you have disabled COM1/COM2 in the BIOS, yet they reappear after booting into the Operating System, then you will be unable to load the Digi driver at anything lower then COM3. The Digi driver loads at the next available COM port and if it starts at COM3, it is due to prior COM ports being registered in the system registry.

Thank you. that was my next step.

disableing comports did notwork. I NEED this to start at 1 any other ideas?