Checking for radio firmware library updates has encounter probs

error window pop out states that timeout while connecting to the server
i searched about this prob via online i found there is a solution you given before that you stated there to off the firewall, so i did but after several times of the trial i couldnt solve the problems, if i could upload the pic it would be best but, yeah i couldnt
i found the solution i mention before in title of
“How do I fix Error while downloading Firmware Library: Timeout …”
it pop out when discovering the radio module and then pop out another window saying action required, i managed to reset the xbee by pressing the reset button on shield and even did short by connecting reset to ground but still pop out that problem occurred window
thank you

What is the exact part number of the radio you are working with?

What is the exact version of XCTU you are working with?

Are you able to Query the radio in XCTU? If so, what does it report?

I’m facing the same problem. My part number is : XBP9B-DMST
and the version of xctu is the latest 6.3.11.

That indicates that you have a firewall blocking XCTU from being able to check the server and download updated files.