Timeout, Stalled waiting for proper response

Hi all,

I have used XBee S2C PRO module, while updating the firmware using X-CTU, I have got the Timeout, Stalled waiting for proper response error. Does any body have faced similar kind of problem? How to fix that problem? Any guidance is much appreciable.

Sounds like your module is configured for sleep modes. Try setting the radio to defaults and try it again.

Hi @mvut,

Thank you for the response, the problem occurs with my new PC, but there was no such problem with the same radio with another PC.

You can try reloading the drivers and optimizing them.

How is the XBee attached to your computer? Sometimes you need to double check your COM port settings, like Flow Control. They can cause odd problems like that.

Hi @Plater,

Thank you for your comment.
However, I have double cross-checked the com. port & settings (Baud-9600, Flow Conrol- NONE, Data Bits-8, Parity- NONE, Stop Bits-1). Which are same as of my previous PC. I have suspected the driver of the programmer but while setting the parameters and doing the range test from another XCTU it works fine.