Xbee module doesn't answer immediately

that’s certainly an already asked question but I wasn’t able to find it.

When I power up 2 modules (XB24 version 1083 as X-CTU reports) in default configuration I have to send about 15 characters in order to establish the communication (which lights on RSSI), so previous characters are lost.

same with X-CTU, if I perform a range test, it has to make 7 tests before establishing the communication.

By default, it seems that modules don’t enter in any sleep mode and are always to respond to RF communication so, why this behaviour?


I can’t remember this being asked before, so it’s not a common problem. Maybe if you could describe the setup in more detail it might give some clues. For instance, are the two XBees connected to separate PCs, or what?

Also (and this is a pretty standard comment) version 1083 may be what the XBees shipped with but it’s quite old. You will find it worthwhile to use X-CTU to upgrade the modules to the latest version of firmware.

Hi JohnF,

A module is connected to a PC via a USB adapter and the other is connected to an arduino duemilanove, but I had the same problem on cubloc CB320 and I connected a led both RSSI and both remains unlighted until the communication is established so I think the problem doesn’t come from the PC nor the µC.
on the PC side, I can see the Tx led for every character I enter so it correctly receive it but just doesn’t emit them.

I’m to try to update them. Thanks for this info.

Ok johnF, I updated my modules to 10E6 version and the problem is fixed. thanks a lot.