hello...anybody can help me.. i have problem with my result on x-CTU

the result become dot dot… for example my programming should display you have type character… so, for example my typing is a… the result on x-ctu become aY…vee…cter… it not show full character…i check the command between two xbee but they doesn’t have any problem… can you help me?? :slight_smile:

all the standards about checking baud rates and settings apply, but could you tell us more details. If you elaborate a bit we might be able to help a bit more. Some things that can help: What settings are you using, what version of firmware are you on, what exact strings are you putting into and getting out of your XBees?

it sounds like you’ve either got the module in API mode. when it receives radio data it will spit out ‘…etc.’. Try putting the module in AT mode.