XBee only responds with the chars i send

I have 3 Xbee S2 ZB modules that I’m trying to configure, without any luck (its the same result with all the modules).

I have them connected with my pc through a seriell cable and communicate using X-CTU.

When i do Test / Querie i get:
Communication with modem… OK
Modem firmware version = ATVR

Modem type = Name unknown (ID = 5183491234791) (some random number)

Serial Number = ATSH
So it basically thinks the modem responds with the serial number, but it only responds with the commands that is sent.

And when i try to issue commands on to the modem its the same thing, it only responds with what i send in, and never anything else.

Baud rate is 9600, Data bits 8, None parity, Stop bits 1. I’m using the newest FTDI drivers, I’m doing this on a virtual PC windows 7 that is running on a Mac.

My circuit looks like this:
Pin 1 got +3v
Pin 2 Uart communication
Pin 3 Uart communication

Pin 10, GND

The rest is left untouched.

I really don’t think there is a problem with my serial communication. Because I’m using the same setup when connecting to a micro controller, and i don’t have any problems communicating with it from the computer and vice versa.

What kind of cable are you using and what voltage level does it run at?