XBee - Always sending ASCII sequences on serial after factory reset

Hi everyone,

I get two XBee pro modules (xbp24-api-001) and I did a factory reset on them. I used an Arduino Uno to connect and configure XBee modules to my computer. All is well till I start to communcate with the XBee (start serial console or add XBee on XCTU software). The TX Led on my Arduino board start blinking and never stop.

In fact an ASCII sequence is sent (over serial) and repeated by the XBee : OR?A??e@… (appear to be every time the same).
And the XCTU software has difficulties to properly detect the module and it is really long to report a (wrong) firmware config (see screenshot below).
I do not know how to manage that.


Has anyone experienced that ?


Do you have a digi development board (X-bib) to test it on? They’re either RS232 or USB based. It sounds like you’re getting garbage on the line maybe.

Unfortunately I do not. I just have an Arduino Uno.
However, first time I connected the XBee to the PC through Arduino all was fine. The problem started after that I did a factory reset.


Today, I connected again my XBee module and it seems working… I do not know why. It may be a software bug or driver bug (I use Mac)…