ATSH command response from XBee-Pro S3B is only 1 or 2 characters and then <cr>. Why?

What is the full part number of the module you are working with and the firmware version?

The information on the module:
XBP9B-DMST-002 revF 0013A2…

I got the firmware to read out in full the other day. I recall that it was 8017, but now the firmware reads return 80 on the serial interface.

What mode is the device in that causes it to return a couple of characters and then for many of the commands?

Try Entering command mode and doing an ATRE,WR,CN.

No affect…

  1. I send +++, wait for OK
  2. I send ATRE\r, wait for ok
  3. I send ATWR\r, wait for ok
  4. I send ATCN\r, wait for ok
  5. turn off power and restart.
  6. enter AT mode and the same behavior exists.

What is this radio mounted on?

We have the module mounted on our custom pcb. We have vcc connected to 3.3v, and serial tx driven from an atmega microcontroller through a buffer. The serial rx goes directly to the microcontroller. We have cts and rts connected to the microcontroller i/o’s as well.

Also, the reset input to the module is unconnected.

Also, the reset input to the module is unconnected.

You need to have all of the lines connected via a level translation circuit.

I have a level shifter between the microcontroller TX2 and the DIN input of the XBee module. The DOUT connects directly to the microcontroller RX2.

What would cause the XBee module to insert a into the response data stream instead of the remainder of the expected data?

Is the device in a non-standard mode?

Are you able to reproduce this issue with an XBIB board and XCTU?

I have the XCTU software running on my PC.

Our configuration has a wireless sd shield mounted on an Arduino mega2560 board. The switch on the shield is set to USB, and the atmega microcontroller is programmed with an empty design.

The XCTU software is not able to find the XBee module. I notice that the baud rate of the TX pin (XBee output) of the XBee module is at 115,200 baud. I tried to use the 115,200 in XCTU, but it still does not recognize the device.

When I try to use the recover utility in XCTU, the tool says that no bootloader is loaded. Does this tell us something? Do I need to load a bootloader?
How can I figure out the cause of this behavior?

Do you recommend that I connect a USB-RS232 chip (like one from FTDI) directly to the RX and TX pairs of the XBee module and run the XCTU utility? I don’t know the data being sent out the USB, only that the USB chip’s TX LED is blinking every now and then.

Have you seen behavior like this before? What was the cause then?



In order to Recover a module with XCTU, you must have a board that has VCC, GND, DI, DO, DTR and RTS connected.

What I would suggest is that you order either a XBIB-U-DEV board or an XBee Grove Dev board.

Would the following kit:
with digi part number 76000956 work with XBEEPROS3B with ic:1846axb900hp?

Yes the interface boards would work but not the kit. The reason for that is that the modules included are for the 802.15.4 XBee and not the 900 HP. Try this one instead. XKB9-DMT-UHP