AT command mode not responding

I have my Xbee S1 module connected to the PC with a
SparkFun XBee Explorer USB (

I’m trying to enter in AT command mode from XCTU console so I type “+++” and it responds “OK” as expected, but now if I type any AT command the module doesn’t respond.

Note that if I change the parameters from the XCTU Configuration working mode it all works but I need to use the console to set a non-standard baud rate.

What commands are you sending and with what values? Exactly what is it you are typing?

The sequence that I’m typing is:

ATBD7A12 (31250 baud rate)

It responds “OK” to “+++” but then nothing.

I tried from another PC and the behavior is the same.

The really weird thing is that if I change the parameters from the XCTU configuration mode and when it’s done I switch to the console, I can see the commands that were just send and the correct answers from the device.

Please, can you help me figure out what’s happening?

Long shot since this is over 2.5 years old, but: did you ever get anywhere with this? I’m having similar issue where XCTU can successfully apply configs, but when I enter the same sequence of AT commands in the console, I only get OK from ‘+++’ command and no response from subsequent AT commands.

Ultimately, I’m trying to successfully apply simple config changes over UART with AT commands from a PIC microcontroller…

Thanks in advance for any help.