Return Characters on X-Ctu not correct

I have two Series 1 Xbees. One connected to the computer the other to the Liquidware slide. I set up both xbees and used the latest Firmware 10E8, with both bees running at 4800 baud. Using X-Ctu, I get a good connection (on the PC settings page) with the one set up on the computer (coordinator). The other is programmend as the end and the RSSI lights up when a character is sent.
I can send a single character “c” from X-Ctu terminal to the Slide and the Slide will respond with a programmed blink only when that character is sent so I know the proper character is received. However, when I press a button on the slide to send a character back to the X-Ctu, I get red dots and changing hex characters each time I press. The RSSI does not light up when I try to transmit back to XCtu. How can I determine if the problem is the X-bee set up or the Slide? Can I short the Din Dout pin on the end xbee to check?