Characters in X-ctu terminal


I’m programming an aplication in c++ in which I want to send information from one Xbee to several others. To do this I have to start AT Command Mode so that I’m able to change the destination low address and some other parameters. My question is if anybody knows which character does the X-Ctu terminal reads when I press “Enter” key so that I can send it from my application. If anybody knows the answer I’d really appreciate your help.


Hello Luis,

X-CTU sends a 0x0D (Carriage Return, \r, CR, 13d, etc…). It has a “Show Hex” button in Terminal tab where you can see what is being send and received, and also with button Assemble Packet you can test to send ASCII or Hex data for testing purposes.

Also, bear in mind that XBees will finish the answers with 0x0D. Hope it helps! Regards,