X-CTU , XBee, no reply in command mode

Hello, I just got a pair of XBee shields along with their XBees. They are like these ones here:


with the XBee module series 2 and the blue patch antena.

I downloaded the XBee setup tutorial from this site:


and I also followed some instructions from this site:


namely, the arduino reset and the information about the destination address high and low.

Now, I 've downloaded and run the version of X-CTU on windows XP. I connect the XBee shield to an Arduino duemilanove from which I have both removed the chip as well as put in reset by connecting the reset pin to Gnd. Jumpers on shield are on “USB”

When firing up X-CTU and pressing Test/Query, it hears a reply, my modem is XB24-B, firmware version 1220.

I then go to the modem configuration and press “Read”. It correctly reads the modem params.

I then put a name for the “Node Identifier”, set “Destination Address High” to 13A200 and “Destination Address Low” to 404A4FC4, tick “always update firmware” and press “write”.

Now, some times it flatly refuses to cooperate right at the “Getting modem type” stage, others it hangs at the very end with a window urging me to press the reset button (nothing has ever happened with the reset button) and occasionaly it works. With a mixture of rebooting my computer, unplugging and replugging the shield and prayer, I 've managed to upload to both shields, apparently succesfully.

So then, I change to the “Terminal” tab and send a +++ before 5 seconds elapse. And nothing happens. I have been trying for a very long time and have drawn a blank. The “PC settings” tab seems to talk fine with the modem (at least getting a reply as to the modem’s type), the “Modem Configuration” tab also has a troubled relationship but manages to exchange something with the modem. The terminal is infuriatingly silent.

I ‘m at my wits’ end. Please help.

have u ever checked that how much power that the module is drawing?
confirm first the modem is in which mode i.e., at or api mode.
how can u able to say that the modem was updated correctly?

reset the module if required.

I moved your thread to the correct forum, since you’re using ZNet 2.5 modules rather than 802.15.4.

As far as the behavior, that 1220 firmware is an outdated ZNet 2.5 Router/End Device AT firmware. You should be able to get an OK response to “+++” sent from the terminal tab. Keep in mind the gaurdtime is needed to get into command mode as well.

If this still isn’t working, I’d recommend updating to at least the newest ZNet 2.5 firmware if you plan on staying with the obsolete firmware, or upgrading to the supported ZB firmware if you’re beginning development, since we won’t be supporting ZNet 2.5 (except in very special cases) going forward.